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Lifers and other longtime prisoners who have become accustomed to Graterford’s “free-flowing” inmate traffic among cell blocks are apprehensive of the change to Phoenix, with its separate residential buildings, said Tyrone Werts, who spent 36 years in Graterford for his role in a 1975 murder in Philadelphia. Ed Rendell commuted Werts’ sentence in 2010 — three years after word spread that a new prison was going up.

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Pennsylvania advanced million last spring in a “good faith” payment to get work finished.

At a Senate budget meeting in Harrisburg in March, Wetzel acknowledged that the prison was supposed to be finished in 2015.

A decade after the project was proposed, and almost two years after it was scheduled to be ready, Pennsylvania this month plans to start moving staff into its biggest, most expensive prison, the 0 million State Correctional Institution Phoenix.

Among state facilities, only the Convention Center in Philadelphia has cost taxpayers more, and still at issue is million in fines related to construction delays.

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