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Europe remains our leading trade partner and the most important investor in the U. In contrast to Arab authoritarian leaders, we share with Europe a commitment to democracy, the rule of law and human rights.

Despite their persistent, public spin to the contrary, the more experienced White House hands have to realize the magnitude of the problem Trump has created.

The chasm is deepest and most emotional on climate change. ambassador to NATO, America had a bruising argument with France and Germany over the Iraq War in 2003.

Trump’s announcement that America will pull out of the historic 2015 Paris Agreement is deepening distrust among European citizens and their governments, which consider it an urgent priority. We buried the hatchet eventually by joining forces in Afghanistan and negotiating a nuclear deal with Iran. Trump has downplayed the importance of those longstanding ties — according to That is why the current crisis is far more threatening to the long-term future of the alliance than past disagreements. The heart of the problem is Trump’s view of Europe, and Germany in particular, as an economic competitor rather than a strategic partner. We need the United Kingdom, France and Germany to persuade Iran to adhere to the 2015 nuclear deal. fight against the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria will be seriously undermined without British and French support.

At a time of Russian assertiveness in Eastern Europe and dangerous instability in the Middle East, America needs its European allies in NATO more than ever.

That is why cooler heads in the administration must steer the impulsive, inexperienced Trump back to an effective relationship with NATO and the EU.

The last decades of the 19th Century brought the Victorian era and Revivalism which continued into the 20th Century. Mc Dermott, president of the Bank of Mobile, wired Mobile legislators that “unless anti-prohibitionists win, please give notice that Mobile is prepared to secede from the State of Alabama.” Did you know?

The Dauphin Street area has experienced a recent revival because of the historic preservation movement. In 1907, when state legislation was seriously considering passing a prohibition bill, a delegation led by Mobile’s mayor traveled to Montgomery to try to prevent it. In the nineteenth century, when the cry of “ Fire!

All of Trump’s predecessors dating to President Truman have prized Europe’s political and military alliance with America. All this argues for a White House reassessment of its dramatic distancing from Europe.German Chancellor Angela Merkel is determined to maintain tough EU and U. sanctions on Russia over its occupation of Ukraine.Trump appears more interested in a rapprochement with Russian President Vladimir Putin.Without such a sharp recalibration over the coming months, Trump’s bumbling Europe strategy could turn out to be one of the most significant U. foreign policy failures of the post-World War II era. is a Harvard professor and former under secretary of State who served presidents of both parties in his foreign service career.

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President Trump’s recent visit to NATO and the EU was the least successful of any U. president in seven decades, exposing deep ideological divisions and a widening gulf of trust across the Atlantic.

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