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Sometimes the person you care for may be asked to attend an assessment in person but in our experience this is rare for AA. If AA is awarded it’s worth getting a benefit check done as the person you care for may be entitled to other help.As a carer you may be able to claim carer’s allowance.If the person you care for is awarded AA you may be able to get carer’s allowance.You can download an application form from the government website.

Would they be at risk of harming themselves or forgetting to do things like eat? He needs someone to keep an eye on him all the time and make sure that he is safe, even though he doesn’t actually have this level of support.Most people will have to go on to appeal as reconsiderations are often not successful and it is only when someone gets to the appeal stage that success is more likely.There are strict time limits for asking for a mandatory reconsideration and for an appeal and it’s important to stick to them.Dear all, My grandmother has been receiving attendance allowance for many years. During that time I've been eligible for Carers Allowance, but only realised now. The government website has more eligibility conditions. Is it means tested and does it affect other benefits? If they are awarded AA it’s best to get a benefit check done if they are on a low income as they may qualify for a means tested benefit like pension credit too.

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