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The very embodiment of settlers’ age-old desire, to settle.“Settlement”: what a troubling word in Israel, on the Costa del Sol too –yet a more positive word where brand new communities sprung up near re-quarried quarries; along the path of unwanted motorways; between about-to-be-felled trees in threatened woodlands.Come heavy German bombing of London’s East End, and many of Jaywick’s holiday hideaways became permanent, yet without the adoption of proper roads, drainage or mains electricity.Whereas Basildon was built over Plotland Vange and Plotland Laindon – settlements both with their own cinema – poor Jaywick was condemned to slow deterioration.

So it is unsurprising that a few multimillionaire developers are willing to give plotlanders an offer they cannot refuse; an offer to buy them out – always under the pretence of site expansion – coupled with the promise of those first dwellers spending their final days in Marbella or Majorca, or for that matter in a Mc Carthy & Stone in Bournemouth or Maidenhead.

And where somebody has spent all their savings on a shell, will he or she have the wherewithal for enhancement, reinforcement, painting, modernisation – or even contents insurance?

Kinmel Bay’s poverty was not only exposed in the horrendous floods and gales of 1990, but also after Towyn’s 2013 immersion .

In summary, some of the earliest plotlands: Calow Green and Hardwick Wood near Chesterfield, Saltdean and Peacehaven near Brighton, have definitely been gentrified.

Salubrious replacement bungalows here, and in dozens of other frontier townships, now fetch six-figure sums – sited as they are in “much sought-after neighbourhoods.” Which leaves a dwindling number of the efforts of those early pioneers, with their structural peculiarities – snug hideaways, so cosy inside – catering for folk on the margins of society.

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  1. Dream Daddy sounds exactly like that—like it’s going to riff off and satire both the simplification of relationships down to dialogue options and usage of queer relationships in the genre.