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If you'd followed the light to the door and stood outside it on that remarkable night, you would have heard the tapping of a keyboard, the periodic sound of a wheeled office chair moving about within the small room, and the occasional mutter. One reason the door to the cybercrime unit's little room is always closed, Detective Smith explains, is that "for all we know, there are times when I'm chatting with someone in this very building." Over the past eight years, most major metropolitan police forces have begun fielding online investigation units.If you'd gone inside, you would have found one man, Detective Mike Smith, working long after his usual daytime shift had ended, because it seemed to him that the blackout offered a perfect opportunity to engage in a solo, marathon, 24-hour sweep for pedophiles, drug dealers, identity thieves and scam artists. But the breadth of Smith's criminal investigations and the range of his online personas make him something of a virtuoso in the cyber-gumshoe world. While Smith's two partners, Travis Rapp and Michael Gischner, tend to concentrate on cracking online identity-theft rings, Smith is just as happy to spend his days in the chat rooms, juggling multiple online identities, bumping into naive little girls, and coaxing information from young women, drug dealers, insecure teenage boys and, of course, no shortage of predatory men.And, Smith adds, "if the guy's wife stays with him once he gets out of prison, we know he'll have a parole officer for life." How To Build A Laser On The Cheap Start with an inexpensive 808-nanometer (nm) infrared laser [1].Focus its light through a pair of lenses [2] onto a crystalline semiconductor [3] that re-emits light at either 920nm (when making blue) or 1060nm (when making green).

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Social Media such as Facebook or My Space allow, somewhat recklessly, for people to assume false identities and allow for people of unverified ages to be friends through the site with one another whether Juvenile or Adult.

People have been charged and convicted of Internet Sex Crimes for Facebook conversations between adults and minors, often when a parent of the juvenile or other adult views the child's account and discovers the sexually explicit conversation or chat.

"Mike talks to men well," says Rapp of Smith's special role within the unit.

As a 160-pound blonde named Ingrid, he recently helped nail a financial scam artist preying on plus- size women in a BBW (big beautiful women) newsgroup.

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August 14, 2003: On the night of the great blackout, as the last waves of New York City workers walked over East River bridges and those with no way home settled down to sleep in lobbies or on sidewalks, a faint computer glow emanated from an 11th-floor window of One Police Plaza in downtown Manhattan.

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