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When competing in the world of business, entrepreneurs often find that their professional lives end up being very time consuming.With energy channelled thusly, building a relationship can become a second priority.In many respects, finding a partner is much like finding an investor, employee or partner in business.

Dealing with obstacles efficiently and constructively is, in fact, a hugely attractive personality trait; and using this attitude is a key route to long-term relationship success. Otherwise, read on for more of Steinburg's expert insights into the world of executive dating: Steinburg believes that dating success comes from “us[ing] the same principles you've used to start and build your business in your love life”.This means setting clear goals (“what exactly do I want from a relationship?If the aim is a lasting romance, it’s best to harness entrepreneurial ruthlessness and only date someone who genuinely meets your criteria, right from the start.This rule is particularly appropriate when taking the executive dating approach, where non-negotiables can be stated early to filter matches and avoid time-wasting.

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  1. Dress up like you are going out, but make him a romantic dinner at home. Create a dance floor in your living room to dance to all your favorite memories. Pack him an empty lunch and show up at lunchtime with his favorite foods or reservations for two. Text your sweetie at work during the day and tell him what you love about him. I love Sign Up Genius' ease of use and functionality.