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Herman also had a “player spouse” credential that is usually reserved for wives or girlfriends. Assuming Woods and Herman are more than friends — and the evidence points to that being likely — this is the embattled golfer’s first relationship in a year.

More than 65 million Americans live in one of the eight states where cannabis is legal for adults 21 and over, and more than half of the country has laws on the books allowing medical marijuana in some form. Let me start this answer with a question: Would you believe they’re all the same thing? Cannabis, marijuana, reefer, bhang, weed, pot, grass… Cannabis is a plant, obviously, one of the members of the Cannabaceae family of plants, a set that also includes hops. Here’s the difference: The marketplace, and law enforcement, use words like “marijuana” and “cannabis” to refer to plants bred or naturally high in psychoactive cannabinoids like THC., there are male and female plants; we’re in the realm here of basic plant reproductive morphology. The male plants don’t produce smokable marijuana; they just produce the seeds to grow more. (It’s not for nothing that modern-day Bronners are among the main drivers of legalization.) Hemp is a durable fabric, hemp is high in omega fatty acids and hemp can even be made into fuel that can drive certain combustion engines.25, as well as enter a diversion program for first-time offenders." data-reactid="60"Woods revealed he was receiving professional help to manage his medications to treat back pain and insomnia.In July, he stated that he had completed an intensive program in relation to those issues.This means more people than ever may try cannabis for the first time, or for the first time in several decades—which may as well be starting out all over again, given the light-years of progress in the ensuing generation. Famed biologist and namer-of-everything Carl Linnaeus identified just one species of plant under the genus cannabis in 1753: cannabis sativa. These days, the female plants have been grown for their resinous flowers, which are then dried and smoked or cooked into food or made into topical applications. When we say “hemp,” in crude terms, we’re talking about cannabis that’s low in psychoactive cannabinoids and specifically raised for the use of its seeds or stalks for food, fiber or fuel. In many circles, hemp is viewed as a miracle plant, and perhaps rightly so. Hemp is such a big deal that Jack Herer, one of the first heroes of the modern-day legalization movement, So it used to be legal?So this is for you—you, the unstoned, who hasn’t seen a joint in 30 years or a dab, ever. This is what we know as “marijuana” or all the other names, some pretty, some tawdry, some annoying. Male plants with seeds are used for breeding, and “hermaphrodites”—female plants that start “throwing bananas,” or turning male and producing seeds—are often discarded. This use of the plant goes back to ancient times; it cultivation by patriotic farmers was encouraged by the U. All cannabis used to legal—in fact, cannabis was legal for much longer than it wasn’t. If that were the case, tobacco, a pure killer, would be illegal and not a key cash crop.

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