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He also tells her that it was Gigi, not Stacy, that she rescued, and that Stacy really died from carbon monoxide poisoning.

Cutter tells Kim that he found their estranged mother Alex Olanov at Rio and wants to scam her. Hunter Atwood is a fictional character on the American soap opera One Life to Live.

They try Kyle Lewis, Oliver Fish and Schuyler Joplin, but all refuse.

Stacy sleeps with a drunken Oliver and gets pregnant again. Running low on money, Kim sets her sights on the wealthy and newly married Clint Buchanan.

In December 2009, Kim arranges for Clint to discover the truth.It's also revealed that Stacy had plastic surgery in South America to look like her sister Gigi so that she could take over her life.Cutter tells Kim that Aubrey broke up with him because she found out about the blackmail, and he blackmails Kim to give him the forged documents. Kim begs Cutter to take care of Stacy while she's in jail.Kim tells Clint that Cutter is her brother, that her real name is Aubrey Wentworth, and that her mysterious friend in the Kentucky hospital is Stacy.Clint tells Kim that he has regained feelings for his ex-wife Victoria Lord.

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