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方法:用到控件中的Hyperlink Field--作用是将某一列设置为超链接状态 Data Text Field--要绑定的列名或属性名 Data Navigate Url Field--超链接要传的值,一般绑定主键 Data Navigate Url Format String--超链接传值的格式--要连接的地址?id= []--是占位符,,占的是Data Navigate Url Field的值 注:在Grid View配合Details View使用中 Grid View只实现删除的方法,Details View实现增、改的方法 Grid View跳转到Details View是要将设置好的Data Navigate Url Field中的主键值传递给Details View, Details View配置数据源时定义来源是Query String 键的名字--要连接的地址?We’ll get to how these properties are populated shortly, but first we need to go back to the Bind Data method.

The Grid View 'Grid View1' fired event Page Index Changing which wasn't handled.When the Bound Field is in Edit mode, things are a little different.In that case a Text Box is created and added to the Controls collection for the appropriate cell (and it's the only item added to the Controls collection, so it's Controls[0]).For the Template Field, we do know the ID of the control since we specified it in the markup, so we obtain a reference to it by calling Find Control on the appropriate row of the Grid View.The Grid View Row is the naming container for the Text Box in this case, so we need to call Find Control on the appropriate row, but we do not need to call it on the specific cell.

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