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In the serum screening, the lab reports all results in either this way or as a total risk factor calculated by a software program.

In the 1980s and 90s, the results of the prenatal tests were expressed to parents as "high risk" and "low risk," depending on whether the risk result was above or below an arbitrary cutoff point at 1 in 250.

Down syndrome pregnancies have lower levels of AFP and estriol, so their levels would be below the average, and therefore less than 1.0 MOM.

Likewise, h CG in a Down syndrome pregnancy would be greater than 1.0 Mo M.

Click here to see a table of these risk values.) For example: Let's say the test results come back in the typical range for a pregnancy not associated with Down syndrome (that would be 1.0 Mo M for all components).

This result reduces the woman's risk of having a child with Down syndrome four-fold.

The average of normals is called the "population median." Test results are sometimes reported to doctors as "Multiples of the Median (Mo M)." The "average" value is therefore called 1.0 Mo M.Now Addison is horny and wants to masturbate so she slides it in and starts cumming in the middle of the street. Note: The subject of prenatal testing for Down syndrome is an emotionally charged one.Diagnostic tests tend to be more expensive and require an elaborate procedure; screening tests are quick and easy to do.However, screening tests have more chances of being wrong: there are "false-positives" or "screen-positives" (test states the patient has the condition when the patient really doesn't) and "false-negatives" (patient has the condition but the test states he/she doesn't).

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So screening tests have been developed to try to identify those pregnancies at "high risk." These pregnancies are then candidates for further diagnostic testing.

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