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Wallace also allegedly choked Clark, who claimed she began to lose consciousness.

I was definitely acting, but I guess it was a different type of acting than anyone had really done before. There's vlogging in most TV and film and stuff, but back then, it was like, huh, this 17: Do you still watch other vloggers? I know him and we did a show together back in the day. Your friend might be five minutes away, but it's actually 25-35 minutes away by the time you sit in traffic. You know, but next week, I'll be going to the gym three times a day.17: Do you ever get recognized out and about as Lonely Girl? It's more in the past, like, "I think we've met before." I think it's because of the type of character it is.

'If I wasn't in an industry where I do get hit every day and I can brace myself against impact I'd hate to think what would have happened,' Ms Jess told Daily Mail Australia.

'I was terrified for my own life and I do this for a living.' The woman said this was not the first time Wallace had been violent with her.

“Until my close friends and family encouraged me to be open about it in the hope of not only helping the women in this man’s future, but other women men and children who are being subjected to situations like this or worse.” Clark also linked to an article from the Daily Mail Australia that revealed that Wallace had kicked Clark in the head while wearing boots, then put her in a Muay Thai clinch and elbowing her in the face repeatedly - all because she brought home the wrong dinner order.

The report also claims Wallace attempted to tear the engagement ring she was wearing off of her fingers.

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