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They met backstage for photo op: Let's hope Kate Moss doesn't get turned away if she tries to get into the Rastamouse after-party without a ticket. This Eels set is seriously good #glasto There could be a fair few red bodies having after-sun lotion applied after today's baking sunshine. One boy found a good way to cool down at Glastonbury - get someone to spray you with water: Neil Mc Cormick's Glastonbury review so far: IT IS sometimes suggested that Glastonbury isn’t really a rock festival any more, and there is some truth in that: it’s more like an-end-of-the-world party being staged at the scene of a humanitarian disaster.

Lucy Jones updates us from the Other Stage: Novocaine for the soul! Not sure who Mr Shadow is, though - looks a bit like racing's John Mc Cririck . But this year they did find time to showcase some of Britain and Ireland’s most epic rock bands, including U2, Coldplay, Elbow and a secret set from Radiohead, who are probably wishing they had kept it more secret.

“She was assigned male at birth, and that makes her different.” She continues, “If you are transgender, it’s dangerous to date without disclosing.

There are people murdered every year because they were sexually involved or intimate with somebody and did not tell them.” Jazz’s mom makes sure to stress the importance of being upfront with potential partners, adding, “When you are considering being in a relationship with somebody or kissing somebody, they really need to know.” Of course, the serious conversation reverts to typical mother-daughter patter when Jeanette comments she “should write a book” about dating.

She really is the goddess of pop, and tonight she proved it at Glastonbury.

The Pyramid Stage crowd show their delight at seeing Pendulum in action. Neil Mc Cormick sounds mellow after a day of sun and song: Now that mud has dried, people moving around #glasto site, stalls & side stages. #bitlate Lucy Jones reviews The Eels: Mr E of The Eels is on tremendous form.

The five owners drink a different drink, smoke a different brand of cigar and keep a different pet, one of which is a Walleye Pike. The 15 clues: The end of this puzzle will have five units, each with 6 attributes: The data seems to break down into two types: Definitive data, that which defines an attribute directly within one unit.

A lot of effort was put into the pyrotechnics, although she didn't really need them, being enough of a firework already.She scatted and freestlyed throughout the set, dropping You Oughta Know by Alanis Morrissette, Baby by Prince and Sex of Fire by Kings of Leon and a medley of Destiny's Child hits.She pouted, laughed, writhed, jived and shook her a-- in front of what seemed like the entire festival and held us in the palm of her hand throughout.Since we know the Norwegian lives in the 1st house (clue 10), we know that the blue house is number 2.Number 4 is a tricky one, there is no reason to believe that the green house is the first house, all we know is that the white house is on it’s left.

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