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His blood pressure was so low after losing so much blood that the doctors did not even have time to check his blood type.Instead, they pumped about 40 units of type O into him.

This was when they began to build their economy, infrastructure and statehood.

During World War II, many nations tried to invade the country.

This included Japanese Empire, Republic of China & the United States of America.

He also announced that the man has regained consciousness and is stable. Forces in Korea on Wednesday showed Oh driving a jeep southward, before getting its wheels stuck in a ditch just yards from the Military Demarcation Line that forms the border.

Although still in the intensive-care unit, the soldier could be transferred to a general ward as early as this weekend. Oh jumped out and started running for the line, but four North Korean border guards fired more than 40 rounds at him.

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The incredible tale of a North Korean soldier's escape across the Demilitarized Zone last week is no exception.

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