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I am a woman, I am a sexual being and I am a curvy BBW.The books will say that anyone who finds me attractive is perverse and has a “fetish” because I do not conform to the “societal norm of attractiveness”.Self confidence is usually the driving force behind attraction. Fuck you, society and all you judgmental psychologists.While there are definitely men who find fat sexy, why is that any different than men being “boob men”, “ass men” or lovers of blondes, brunettes or redheads? Calling sexual attraction to curvy/thick/fat/large women a fetish is simply another way for society to ostracize and shame people. Sexual attraction to inanimate objects is one thing but to another human being? My husband may be a bit of a pervert (and I thank the good Lord for it daily!! So, in closing let me just say that sexual attraction between humans varies and as long as it’s all consensual, there isn’t a damn thing wrong with any of it.I enjoy meeting new people and helping them achieve their goals and their dreams, whatever they might be!

Our unique learn-through-play program combines the most advanced in adaptive technology, artificial intelligence, personalized learning, and gamification to help kids put their best foot forward and get the education they deserve.I am loyal to my clients and work with integrity above all else."To whom much is given, much is required." I live by this motto.I am involved in my church, volunteering with Paws for People, teaching yoga at a special needs school, providing marriage and parenting workshops and mentoring across the country, and coaching sports for my kids.In addition, we provide a unique journey full of amazing games, videos and unique interactive worksheets to get an unlimited practice in Science, Social Studies and Art.We offer a unique and easy-to-use classroom solution for teachers to add their competencies to learning and build a personalized learning plan.

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