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The inhabitants of the Spanish province of Nicaragua, as well as people from other colonies in this region, felt it was time for complete independence.The bloody independence wars in other regions of the continent and other factors evoked the following dream: the birth of a new, small nation, free and sovereign.The national groups normally opposing each other decided to unite against this threat and with the support of the Central American armies they started a national war that saw its historical climax at the patriotic battle at Hacienda San Jacinto. A small group of Nicaraguan army men was in charge of slowing down the troops of the filibuster.They were located at a small cattle ranch situated a couple kilometers north of Managua, waiting to repulse a North American army that was greater both in number and arms.

Now that Spain was out of the picture, Nicaragua and all other regions from Central America decided to join the Mexican Empire, but this only lasted a few years.But you are so good that I will write a really bad one, so you won't leave us for other clients Micz Flor, Co-founder and Director of Business Sourcefabric Conozco a los muchachos de kronoscode, son responsables, creativos e innovadores en los diseños que realizan.Es un gran privilegio contar con colegas con quiénes podemos colaborar para innovar en la web 2.0 Martín Cuadra, Coordinador SIMAS En Kronoscode encontré una contraparte para los proyectos web que emprendemos desde Veinti3.Upon hearing this sound, the mercenaries thought cavalry reinforcements of the enemy had arrived and aghast the troops fled the scene.Another outstanding heroic achievement during this battle was the action of the Nicaraguan sergeant Andrés Castro.

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