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Actually, I've already finished watching the 16 episodes of Mischievous Kiss Love in Tokyo :) And it's soooooo beautiful. I already watched it in anime but i think it's still cute when i watch it at live isn't it? I instantly got star strucked to Irie Naoki and right there I have decided to watch it and no regrets, they really gave me goosebumps!! I still can't suppress my excitement and it just escalated even more when i had read comments telling that there's season 2!!!!!

I'm so excited 'cause it will be aired at the philippines! I've always been an avid fan of anime and honestly I always prefer anime than live but when i had watched "Itazura na kiss Love in Tokyo"..

Well, I Wanted To Watch Your Movies 'Cause I Want To See You Acting Shy .. I Wanted To Watch Again Some Of Your Movies But I Want That Kotoko Will Still Be Your Partner .. TO my astonishment, he was acting in Eternal Zero, one of the movies on my top. I would probably sell my soul for them to make one. (Just kidding) Anyway please, just please make one..? I wonder when I could meet you but huhuhuhu im still 18 and i need to study and and and you're probably old when i get to meet you but idc huhuhu i love you. With his acting skills and fluency in english, he can definitely portray the roles of the following manga characters: 1. *-* alll i can say is be a good actor and i hope you will see your true love. I'll watch all of your Drama and Movies, I don't know why, but I just want to watch a Japanese Drama If you play a role in it. Same with the other, I thought you are 20 years-old. I'm waiting for your new work ^-^ Yuki I must say I loved your performance in the drama Mischievous Kiss 2: Love in Tokyo and Mischievous kiss. I wanna watch his other series too to see his other sides in acting. xo Yuki Furukawa in “Mysterious Summer” I could not find it . Incidentally I was horrified when I saw you dressed girls and working strange movements x D I said to myself, Is this really Naoki Irie ? You are very beautiful in Drama itazura na kiss love in tokyo *^* I love the personal kotoko and naoki , You and kotoko beautiful with some , kotoko kawaii (≧∇≦). now Im learning Japanese by myself Kon'nichiwa Yuki Furukawa! You, your dramas, your movies, the way you act, the way you talk and all about You :) I hope you and Miki Honoka would have the chance to visit all of your fans here at Philippines. I know that your busy because of your schedule but i really wish that your able to visit philippines,we're excited to see you soon. I'm watching your show here in the Philippines and you're quite awesome and cool! Let me rephrase that, we hope that you'll be visiting the Philippines soon! My wish you is again your career and Miki Honoka im happy for you just your age is 17 year olds you now.... When you come here in the Philippines will you try to convince your management to meet as many fans as possible?

together with your partner Miki Honoka Kon'nichiwa, Yūki Furukawa. i am a high school student and ur recently became biggest fan from india !!! I hope you could be here in the Philippines w/ Miki Honoka.

suki yo yuki san....:) weve been loving korean drama since 2009 but when we watched itazura love in Tokyo we lost it........don't want to watch anything but love in Tokyo.....and over again ..........never get bored......... you did well.......congratulations to other casts.......staff and producers as thing about it furukawa was a living irie somehow this manga could happen in real life........the first time i saw him in 99 days with a star,n....i said "guy is cute". he's baby face is soo deceiving never thought his 26 years old!!! I love these two so much and actually wished they were together in real life. hope you wil dating her in real life :-) I love him so much in Ita Kiss!! So this is why.." when I knew he lived overseas when he was young.

Yuki Furu Kawa is the cutest japanese actor I've ever seen. I LOVE everything about you Yuki Furukawa ^^ I've watched the version of Mischievous Kiss: Love in Tokyo, I really like your acting skills. Honoka-san yet you were able to showed that you really care for her. I don't know how to explain it to you, but you really capture Irie Naoki. I just finish watch itazura na kiss in tokyo ,you act as a Naoki Irie.I really surprise that you and the character too much similar and the result is I fall in love with you,,,heheheehheehe AND i will support you from now... I don't do when"1 day I meet some one like you" cool I think i have the same CHARACTER with kotoko san too...hahaha so Gambatte kudasai Yuki Furukawa I hope can see the next of your movie or drama in the future.....:) fighting ...!!!!!! when I first saw him at Itakiss I really thought his only around the age of 18-20!!! I hope to God it's a mistake on Asianwiki's part about the co stars age. It's quite shocking that he's already in his twenties! I love the fact that he is fluent in both English and Nihonggo! He's a great actor, he really knows how to act the role given to him. Although 9 gap , but you look socute with honoka miki.. But he's so coooool x D And I even forgot he was in Koukou Debut His english was very good in Ita Kiss, and I was like "Ooh..

Besides, Yuki Furukawa is really baby-faced lol When I made my friend watch Ita Kiss, she thought he was 19 or sth haha SO OBSESSED with Yuki Furukawa rn like, omg I love him Konichiwa Yuki!!!! I've watched mischievous kiss love in tokyo about 10000000000 times! Keep up the good work and always enjoy everything you are doing. I love love love ur character especially in Mischievous Kiss: Love in Tokyo. Hi Yuki, I'm Marianne and I'm watching your version of Mischievous Kiss: Love in Tokyo now via Youtube.

I'm a fan of Yuki Furukawa, like going "gaga" to him.. Me also suprised when i found out that he is 10yrs older than miki. this guy is so adorable, cute, handsome, can do breakdance, and the bonus factor is..speak english fluently. As long as they're playing the role well then I don't see any problem.

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I am Arbelyn a fan from Philippines just like Arlon and all of your other fans here.

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