Rumors about wilmer valderrama dating ashlee simpson

Someone seriously needs to sit me down and explain the Valderrama phenomenon. Now, let's see who Wilmer has somehow managed to trick into dating him. She was young, they had just started on a TV show together..didn't realize yet that she was way hotter than him..could happen to anyone. She's proven herself to be desperate and needy as hell, so I assume she'd date the garbage man if he smiled at her nicely.

I need to hear from a sane, rational person why this dude cleans up in the ladies department. I assume one day she got smart, woke up and said "Hey - I can do SO MUCH BETTER! I'll venture that Wilmer ended this one when she took him engagement ring shopping after 3 weeks of dating. She had just gotten famous, didn't realize what was out there yet, some guy who's on a semi successful TV series shows some interest..could happen to anyone.

Or maybe more men should take their cues from Valderrama and wear more Drakkar Noir. He’s not a bad looking guy, either, and he’s been successful enough in the fringes of television since That 70’s Show to maintain a consistent career. I’ve”been blessed” in that department, he once told Howard Stern, claiming that his dick is more than eight inches long.

Is that the true appeal of Wilmer Valderrama: His larger-than-average dick?

At this point, he started becoming more famous for dating people than for being on TV.

I assume this ended when Lindsay overheard Ashton tell Wilmer he had a thing but let's do something soon, and she realized she was suddenly much more famous than her unemployed boyfriend.

Jennifer Love Hewitt, who Valderrama rates as an “eight” out of 10 in the sack.Ashlee Simpson, who Valderrama said was a screamer and “loud in bed” Mila Kunis.The two were rumored to have been dating on That 70’s Show. In the rabbit hole of Valderrama’s dating history, I discovered that — on an episode of Cribs — he bragged about a bedroom where “the magic happens,” displayed a bedroom with only a mattress on it, had red solo cups in his china cabinet, and — perhaps most troubling — he proudly wears Drakkar Noir cologne.Maybe he was just desperate because he hadn't had a steady income for awhile, but throwing your past relationships under the bus for a few minutes of people going, "Oh yeah, I remember that guy - wow, he must be a real asshole" doesn't seem worth it to me.It seems to me most women would write him off forever after this.

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