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This rather neatly puts a stake in the heart of many of the evo-psych arguments about who’s biologically programmed to want sex; as soon as the social and safety factors are eliminated, the difference in interest for casual sex is negligible.Of course, this is in a laboratory setting, which by its nature is going to affect the answers.So let’s talk a little about what happens in a social situation.The most significant find in Baranowski and Hecht’s study is how much their findings correspond with Terri Conley’s pleasure principle: women were less likely to be receptive to offers of casual sex because most of the time the sex wasn’t seen as being enjoyable enough to overcome the potential risks.

Was it simply a matter of a lack of interest, or were there other factors involved?but hey, why let facts get in the way of closely held beliefs?) However, a new study published in the journal Like Dr.During the study, they were presented with pictures of ten members of the opposite sex and told that – among other details – all ten of these individuals were interested in meeting up with them, either for a date or for sex. 100% of the men were down for meeting up with at least one of the pictured candidates for casual sex – no surprise there.However of potential candidates that both men and women were willing to hook up with; men chose a little over three possible partners on average while women chose a little under three partners out of the ten.

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  1. Assuistant Professor Katie Edwards is one of the authors of the study. Researchers typically looked at things like peer group norms and prevalent attitudes towards violence in relationships, but you took a different approach. We saw it close to zero in some schools while in other schools it was 15 percent.

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