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However, Sony announced that on the 31 March 2008, its CONNECT download site would be going offline, therefore affecting Sonic Stage users.However, in late 2008, Sony launched a new online music store called "Bandit.fm" on a trial basis in Australia and New Zealand.Sonic Stage is the name for Sony software that is used for managing portable devices when they are plugged into a computer running Microsoft Windows.It comprises a music player and library manager, similar to i Tunes, Windows Media Player and Real Player.As a consequence, when importing tracks, many albums are placed into the album called "Unnamed".Tracks under digital rights management cannot be changed, and neither can tracks with a missing source link.This is the last version of Sonic Stage before native MP3 devices were introduced by Sony.

(only in Japan), added HE-AAC transfer function for new walkmans.

Sonic Stage 3 does not play DRM-wrapped MP3 files directly from the device. Version 1.5 adds the native support for ATRAC3plus), for their Palm device: CLIÉ.

But those encoding function for WMA/MP3 was removed in Sonic Stage Version 2.0 (SS2.0 supports only the decoding function).

Sonic Stage 3.4 includes an option to de-DRM an entire library (the larger it is, the longer it takes) allowing unlimited transfer and playback on PCs. The option to de-DRM files does not work on unplayable OMA files.

Sonic Stage 3.4 does operate on Windows Vista after some manual driver installations.

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The v2 library manager is "benign" in that it sits on top of what is already on the hard drive, and doesn't change what is already there (It will change a file name if the user has configured it as such.) Users can tell it an album exists in a directory, and import that group of files as an album without having the program change the header information in the tracks.

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